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B.Tech Industrial oriented Training Program

Training Name Python Programming
Fee 5000 INR
Training Information

Introduction:  What is Python and history of Python?  features of Python,   Install Python and Environment Setup, History,    First Python Program,  working with Python, Basic Syntax, Comments, Variable and Data Types, Operator

Conditional Statements - if, If- else, Nested if-else, Looping - for , While , Nested loops, Control Statements-  Break , Continue ,  String Manipulation,  Function and Methods, Lists,

Tuple:  Introduction, Accessing tuples , Operations , Working, Functions and Methods, Dictionaries - Introduction, Accessing values in dictionaries, Working with dictionaries

Functions :  Defining a function , Calling a function , Types of functions , Function Arguments , Anonymous functions , Global and local variables, Modules: Importing module , Math module , Random module , Packages

Input-Output: Printing on screen, Reading data from keyboard, Opening and closing file, Reading and writing files , Functions

Exception Handling: Exception, Exception Handling, Except clause, Try ? finally clause , User Defined Exceptions

OOPs concept : Class and object , Attributes , Inheritance , Overloading , Overriding,  Data hiding, Python Regular Expressions- Match function , Search function , Matching VS Searching , Search and Replace, Modifiers , Patterns, Wildcard

CGI: Introduction, Architecture, CGI environment variable, GET and POST methods, Cookies, File upload

Python MySQL Database Access : Install,  Create Database Connection,   CREATE, INSERT, READ, UPDATE and DELETE Operation,   DML and DDL Operation with Databases,  Performing Transactions,    Handling Database Errors,  Disconnecting Database

Training Eligibility C
Total Seats 30

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