BTech Industrial oriented Training Program

Training Name Core JAVA
Fee 5000
Training Starting Date(Tentative) 1/5/2019
Training Information


1.       Introducing the Java Technology

Relating Java with other languages, download, install, and configure the Java environment on a Windows system. Describing the various Java technologies such as Java EE, Java ME, Embedded Java SE, key features of the technology and the advantages of using Java, Using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Introduction to java virtual machine (jvm).

2.      Introducing the Java Language

Defining classes, Creating and using a test class, Compiling and executing a test program, Keyword, Identifier and Constants, data types, Operators

3.      Control Statement

Creating if and if/else constructs, switch statement, while loops and nested while loops,  for loop, do while loop,

4.       Arrays

Declaring, instantiating, and initializing a one-dimensional Array, Declaring, instantiating, and initializing a two-dimensional Array, Use of ArrayList & Vector

5.      String processing

String, Learning String Operations, different ways to create String Object, Important methods of String Class, String Buffer Class

6.      Object Oriented Paradigms and Implementation

Introduction: OOPs (Object Oriented Programming System), Features of OOPs, Creating and Invoking a Method, Passing arguments and returning values, Access modifiers, Create and use Constructor, Constructor Overloading, Implementing encapsulation

7.      Introducing Advanced Object Oriented Concepts

Inheritance, polymorphism such as overloading, overriding, and dynamic binding, Abstract classes , The static and final modifiers, Designing abstract classes, Working with super classes and subclasses, Creating and implementing a Java interface, Java Packages

8.      Exception Handling

Understanding the different kinds of errors that can occur and how they are handled in Java, Understanding the different kinds of Exceptions in Java, Writing code to handle Exceptions

9.      Multithreading

Operating system task scheduling, The Thread Model in java, Thread Priorities, Synchronization, Messaging, Thread Class and the Runnable Interface, Creating java Multiple Threads, Thread Priorities

10.  Collection of Useful Classes

Date & Times ,Using Scanner Regular Expression, Input/Output Operation in Java( Package),Streams, Understanding Streams, The Classes for Input and Output, The Standard Streams, Working with File Object, File I/O Basics, Reading and Writing to Files, Buffer and Buffer Management, Read/Write Operations.

11.  Database Application with JDBC

Layout of the JDBC API, JDBC divers, Database connectivity using Ms-Access, MySQL, Queries and results

12.  Applet Programming and AWT

Introduction to Applet, Applet Programming, Advantages of Applet , Applet Life Cycle, Methods for Drawing and Event Handling, Introduction to AWT Programming, Methods for Adding UI Components

13.  Event Handling

Introduction to Event Handling, Event, Event Sources, Classes, Event Listener, Handling Windows Events

14.  Java Swings

Overview of Swings, Graphical User Interface (GUI) with frames , GUI Components and Containers, Database Connectivity using JDBC,  Using Controls and Menus, Understanding Layout Managers

15.  Project

Project development in Java Programming 

Training Eligibility Basic Programming
Total Seats 40

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