BTech Industrial oriented Training Program

Training Name Big Data Hadoop Administration
Fee 10000
Training Starting Date(Tentative) 1/5/2019
Training Information

Course Content:


a.       Big Data Facts

b.      The three V’s of Big Data

c.       What is big data

2.       Understanding Hadoop

a.       What is Hadoop ?

b.      Why learn Hadoop?

c.       Relational Database vs Hadoop

d.      Motivation for Hadoop

3.       HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

a.       What is HDFS

b.      HDFS Components

c.       Understanding Block Storage

d.      The Name Node

e.      The Data Node

f.        Data Node Failure

g.       HDFS Commands

h.      HDFS File Permissions

4.       The Mapreduce Framework

a.       Overview of MapReduce

b.      Understanding MapReduce

c.       The Map Phase

d.      The Reduce Phase

e.      WordCount in MapReduce

f.        Running MapReduce Job

5.       Planning for Hadoop Cluster

a.       Single Node Cluster Configuration

b.      Multi-Node Cluster Configuration

6.       Cluster Maintenance

a.       Checking HDFS Status

b.      Breaking The Cluster

c.       Copying Data between Cluster

d.      Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes

7.       Installing & Managing Hadoop Ecosystem Projects

a.       Sqoop

b.      Flume

c.       Hive

d.      Pig

e.      HBase

f.        Oozie

8.       Managing & Scheduling Jobs

a.       Managing Jobs

b.      The FIFO Scheduler

c.       The Fair  Schedule

d.      How to start and stop Job running  on the Cluster

9.       Populating HDFS From external Sources

a.       How to use Sqoop to import Data from RDBMS’s to HDFS

b.      Features of Hive, Hbase and Pig

Training Eligibility Basics of Linux
Total Seats 30

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