BTech Industrial oriented Training Program

Training Name Cloud Computing(IAAS)
Fee 10000
Training Starting Date(Tentative) 1/5/2019
Training Information

Unit-1:      Achieving agility with EC2 [Elastic Cloud Computing]

·         What is Cloud & Its Components

·         Introduction  to AWS features-IAAS

·         Create AWS account & Navigate to the AWS Management Console

·         Create roles for user / admin using IAM (Identity Access Management)

·         Cryptography & SSH Login with key pair (Public / Private)

·         Create instances in cloud & access using keys in EC2

·         Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure

o   Hands-on Practical session

Unit-2:       Provisioning resources & store data in cloud

·         Create AWS Instance from scratch and access using Putty  /  Linux CLI mode

·         Basics of Linux commands

·         Create a Instances from with AWS features like:  Cloud Watch, EBS Volume

o   Amazon Simple Storage services (S3) on Cloud

o   Amazon Elastic Block Store:  Volume & Snapshots

o   Amazon Cloud Watch service for EC2 instance(s)

§  Hands-on Practical session



Unit-3:      Network Setup in AWS using VPC [ Virtual Private Cloud ]


·         Create own network with Subnets mask and Gateway

·         Bridging EC2 instances to your internal network with a VPN

·         Launching EC2 with our VPC

·         EC2 Instance Management tool for monitoring:  CloudWatch

·         Configure File Server on EC2

o   Hands-on Practical session


Unit-4:    Scaling Cloud Machines:


·         Load Balancing  & Auto Scaling features with AWS Instances

·         More about AWS-AMIs   (Amazon machine image)

·         EC2 Usages Report   

o   Hands-on Practical session

Unit-5:    Hosting website and test with database

·         Prepare machines for configure LAMP [ Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php] for hosting website on EC2

·         Tune the Apache and MySQL for heavy load on website

·         Evaluations  

Training Eligibility Basic Programming
Total Seats 30

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