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B.Tech Industrial oriented Training Program

Training Name Cloud Computing
Fee 10000 INR
Training Information

About Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform provided by amazon.com. Web services are sometimes called cloud services or remote computing services. The first AWS offerings were launched in 2006 to provide online services for websites and client-side applications. To minimize the impact of outages and ensure robustness of the system,  AWS is geographically diversified into regions. These regions have central hubs in the Eastern USA, Western USA (two locations), Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, Australia and now in Mumbai, India. Each region comprises multiple smaller geographic areas called availability zones.

Overview of the architecture

EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, CloudWatch , RDS, Route53,IAM Role


Getting started with Amazon cloud

·         Creating accounts and analyzing the cost breakdown

·         Evaluating service level agreement (SLA)

·         Console, Command line tool & API

Detailed Syllabus

Unit-1:      Achieving agility with EC2 [Elastic Cloud Computing]

·         What is Cloud & Its Components

·         Introduction  to AWS features-IAAS

·         Create AWS account & Navigate to the AWS Management Console

·         Create roles for user / admin using IAM (Identity Access Management)

·         Cryptography & SSH Login with key pair (Public / Private)

·         Create instances in cloud & access using keys in EC2

·         Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure

o   Hands-on Practical session

Unit-2:       Provisioning resources & store data in cloud

·         Create AWS Instance from scratch and access using Putty  /  Linux CLI mode

·         Basics of Linux commands

·         Create a Instances from with AWS features like:  Cloud Watch, EBS Volume

o   Amazon Simple Storage services (S3) on Cloud

o   Amazon Elastic Block Store:  Volume & Snapshots

o   Amazon Cloud Watch service for EC2 instance(s)

§  Hands-on Practical session



Unit-3:      Network Setup in AWS using VPC [ Virtual Private Cloud ]


·         Create own network with Subnets mask and Gateway

·         Bridging EC2 instances to your internal network with a VPN

·         Launching EC2 with our VPC

·         EC2 Instance Management tool for monitoring:  CloudWatch

·         Configure File Server on EC2

o   Hands-on Practical session


Unit-4:    Scaling Cloud Machines:


·         Load Balancing  & Auto Scaling features with AWS Instances

·         More about AWS-AMIs   (Amazon machine image)

·         EC2 Usages Report   

o   Hands-on Practical session

Unit-5:    Hosting website and test with database

·         Prepare machines for configure LAMP [ Linux, Apache, MySQL, Php] for hosting website on EC2

·         Tune the Apache and MySQL for heavy load on website

·         Evaluations  

Training Eligibility Candidate must have knowledge of any Linux / UNIX type of Operating System
Total Seats 30

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