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B.Tech Industrial oriented Training Program

Training Name Full Stack Developer(MEAN Stack)
Fee 12000 INR
Training Information

In this Training Program CEG Will cover concepts like HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap 4, MongoDB, Node JS, Express, Angular 7, TypeScript etc

1. NodeJS and ExpressJS

Introduction and Foundation

Node Projects

Working with shrink-wrap to lock the node modules versions
Working with asynchronous programming

Building a HTTP Server with Node.JS using HTTP APIs
File System

Buffers, Streams, and Events

Multi-Processing in NodeJS


Express JS with MongoDB and Sqlite

Socket.io, The Front-end, and A Chat App

Introduction to Task Managers with unit testing

2. TypeScript and Angular 7


Issues with Plain JavaScript

Introduction to TypeScript

Advantages of TypeScript

Getting Started with TypeScript

Setting VS Code for TypeScript

TypeScript Fundamentals

TypeScript Data Types






Arrow Function

Default and Optional Parameters

Function overloading

Classes, Access Modifiers, and Constructors

Access Modifiers


Constructor Overloading

Static Members

Inheritance and Interfaces

TypeScript Inheritance

Introduction to Interface

 Using Interfaces

 Generics and Modules

 Generics

 Creating Modules

 Importing Modules

 Module 2

 Introduction to Angular

 Understanding Angular

 Advantage of Angular

 Angular1 vs. Angular

 Browsers Support

 Get Started with Angular

 Setting up an Angular App

 Running an Angular App

 Understanding Angular folder structure

 Angular Initialization Process

 Introduction to Component

 Creating a Component

 Bootstrapping the Component

 Databinding

 Understanding Data Binding

 Attribute Binding

 Two-way Data Binding

 Event Binding etc.

 Choosing Appropriate Data Binding

 Data Passing technique for components to components
 Angular CLI

 Introduction to CLI

 Creating new project-ng new and ng init

 Building Project-ng build and ng serve

 Ng CLI options

 Ng CLI for creating

 components, services, directives, and Pipe etc.
 Module 3

 Directives and Pipes

 Built-in Directives-ngIf, ngFor, ngSwitch etc.

 Creating Custom Directives

 Angular Pipes
 Creating Custom Pipes

 Bootstrap

 Bootstrap Fundamentals

 Bootstrap Grid System

 Bootstrap Components

 Bootstrap JavaScript

 Routing

 Understanding Routing

 Defining Routes

 Nested Routes

 Attaching Routes to Actions

 Defining Templates

 Pass parameters in routes.

 children routes.

 Module 4

 Advanced Components and Directives

 Components Life Cycle Hooks

 Nested Components

 Data sharing between nested components

 Custom directives

 Host binders and host listener

 @Viewchild & @ViewChildren

 Inheritance

 Introduction to Angular5 Inheritance

 Components Inheritance

 Angular Forms and Controls

 Introduction to Angular Forms

 Types of Angular Forms-Template Driven and Model Driven
 Template Driven vs. Model Driven

 the different paradigm of angular forms

 Template Driven Form

 Creating Template driven Form

 Angular form input controls

 Angular form validation

 Angular form and controls properties

 Model Driven Form

 Creating Model Driven Form

 Angular form input controls

 Angular form validation

 Angular form and controls properties
 Module 5


 Introduction to SPA

 SPA vs. MPA

 Most Popular SPA

 Advantages of SPA

 Custom modules

 Services

 Understanding Angular5 Services

 Custom services creation and usage at the component level.

 Implementation of observable and subscribers.
 data sharing using Behaviour Subject.

 Use of rxjs operators.

 Lazy Loading

 Database Operations with REST Service

 Introduction to REST

 REST Service CRUD Operations.

 Introduction and implementation of the firebase.
 Http services-get,post,put,delete etc.

 dependency injections

 forks join and merge map

 Auth Gurad canactivate authentication

 Angular Testing

 What is Unit Testing?

 Benefits of testing.

 Implementation of unit testing.

3. MongoDB
Course Introduction

Introduction to NoSQL databases

MongoDB A Database for the Modern Web

CRUD Operations in MongoDB

Indexing and Aggregation

Replication and Sharding

Developing Node JS Application with MongoDB

Training Eligibility Basic Programming
Total Seats 30

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