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B.Tech Industrial oriented Training Program

Training Name Big Data Hadoop Developer & Administration
Fee 15000 INR
Training Information

Hadoop Developer Training Outline


Introduction to Hadoop


·         Hadoop Distributed File System


·         Hadoop Architecture


·         MapReduce & HDFS


Hadoop Eco Systems


·         Introduction to Pig


·         Introduction to Hive


·         Introduction to HBase


·         Other eco system Map


Hadoop Developer


·         Moving the Data into Hadoop


·         Moving The Data out from Hadoop


·         Reading and Writing the files in HDFS using java program


·         The Hadoop Java API for MapReduce


o    Mapper Class


o    Reducer Class


o   Driver Class


·         Writing Basic MapReduce Program In java


·         Understanding the MapReduce Internal Components


·         Hbase MapReduce Program


·         Hive Overview


·         Working with Hive


·         Pig Overview


·         Working with Pig


·         Sqoop Overview


·         Moving the Data from RDBMS to Hadoop


·         Moving the Data from RDBMS to Hbase


·         Moving the Data from RDBMS to Hive


·         Flume Overview


·         Moving The Data from Web server Into Hadoop


·         Real Time Example in Hadoop


·         Apache Log viewer Analysis

Training Eligibility JAVA
Total Seats 30

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