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Job oriented Training Program Details

Training Name php mysql
Fee 5000 INR
Training Information

1.       Introduction to Core Php Concept & AMP Installation on different platforms

2.      Basics of Php: Variable declaration, Initialize & Access in different -2 Scope

3.      Iterations(loops) , Conditional & Control Structures

4.      Arrays

5.      Working With html forms & tables

6.      CSS  (Cascading Style Sheet)

7.      Php Global array variables like:  $_GET [], $_POST [], $_REQUEST [], etc……..

8.      Data parsing in Php pages using Html Query String variables

9.      File uploading Concept using  $_FILES[][] global array

10.                         Introduction To MySQL Database

11.                         MySQL-DB :  DQL, DDL, DML, DCL, TCL

12.                         Session & Cookies

13.                         Working with Php regular expressions

14.                         Php Classes And Objects

15.                         Advance Php techniques like: Exception Handlings, Error handlings

16.                         JavaScript& Validations

17.                        Ajax and Jquery

18.                        AJAX with Php (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

19.                         Minor Core Php Project

20.                         Introduction to Drupal Open Source

Training Eligibility Basic Programming
Total Seats 30

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